Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The girls vs the bug - saved by the human

Three cats and a teeny bug. Guess who won? Dora, Gyro and the resident sat in a triangle watching with fascination a teeny bug. Intermittently one of them would swat the bug, then all three cats would suddenly yawn or look away, or get distracted. The bug would run, and then one of the cats would swat at it again, or pick it up in their teeth and then drop it. Then the cats would yawn or get distracted and the bug would fly away, only to get swatted again.

This story repeated for a good 20 minutes until I was so impressed with the bug's determination that I rescued it and brought it outside. If you want cats that will eat bugs, these guys might not be the ones for you. However, if you want extremely gentle cats that won't even hurt a bug, Dora and Gyro fit the bill! In addition to not hurting bugs, they also have never so much as bitten or even hissed -- at anyone or anything, as far as I can tell. Sweet (and gentle) little guys!