Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gyro and Dora, sisters looking for a home

Dora and Gyro are two adorable 1 yr old tabby sisters.
Dora and Gyro are living in Northern Virginia with their wondeful foster "mom" Bonnie and her cat and hoping to find a home of their own soon.

Dora was named for Dora the Explorer by Bonnie's 3-year old neighbor. Dora greets Bonnie at the door whenever she comes home, and snuggles with her in bed at night. She loves to jump 3 feet into the air to chase toys, and is a great pal to her sister Gryo. She is gentle and sweet and loving. She always comes out to say hello when Bonnie has company. She greets her in the mornings but is very considerate and waits for the alarm to ring before coming to play on her bed.

Gyro is so named because she loves to run around and around and around, sometimes chasing toys, sometimes chasing her own tail, like a gyroscope. Gryo loves to play fetch and will bring toys back to you all night long, just eager for you to throw them again. Gyro likes to give Bonnie kisses all the time - she licks her face, toes, or clothes, if she's wearing them. She likes to sleep by Bonnie's head at night. She is a shy girl with new people until she gets to know them and loves her sister Dora.

Both Dora and Gyro get along wonderfully with the resident 4 year old cat, and also do great with the resident guinea pigs.